5 Secrets About Business Analytics Expert Masters Program That Nobody Will Tell You

Our program fosters the kind of learning community that you would expect from a globally recognized university. Your colleagues will challenge you to push the boundaries of your skills, understand the latest analytical methods and technologies, and solve complex analytics problems together in your capstone project.

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Author: Master of Science Business Analytics

The Tepper School of Business, founded in 1949, pioneered the discipline of management science, challenging the academic orthodoxy of the time, which championed the case study method as the primary way to solve business problems. Other educational institutions eventually followed suit, and now most leading business schools teach some form of Carnegie Mellon’s model of decision-making powered by analytics. With the rise of big data in the 21st century, the Tepper School’s approach of developing analytical methods for solving business problems has become even more important, as it continues to make an impact in industry, government and education around the globe.