5 work habit changes to prove CMO value quickly

By | September 14, 2020

Andrea Fryrear gives her take on how to enhance the value of your role as a CMO quickly and how to effectively enhance the Marketing ROI amidst the pandemic

Well before the world was embroiled in a never-ending state of flux, CMOs were having their own battle with change. According to a study by Spencer Stuart, the average tenure of a Chief Marketing Officer fell from 43 months to 41 months in 2019.
This decline continues their dubious honor as the shortest tenured member of the C-suite. By comparison, CEOs had an average lifespan of 76 months in the same study.

So what’s the issue here? Are marketing executives flighty and inconsistent, unable to commit to a company for more than a few years? Are they just not good at their jobs and forced to move on as soon as their colleagues find them out?

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Author: MarTech Cube

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