By | June 12, 2020

Guayusa is one of the trees that has its roots in the Amazon Forest. Ecuador is a major supplier of Guayusa. In fact, Ecuador natives have been eating and drinking Guayusa leaf products and Guayusa tea for decades. The tea is so loved that people in the Amazon drink the tea daily.

hat’s a big uptick, and for good reason. Check out these 9 benefits of Guayusa leaves:

Natural energy – The Guayusa plant is a natural energy booster. Because the plant has less caffeine than coffee, it may offer a safer start to your day.
Dream support – Drinking the tea or eating the leaves could help you to remember your dreams.
Antioxidant – Helps to remove harmful oxidants from the body.
Mood booster – Theobromine in the plant helps to boost mood.

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