AdTech: The Era of Stock Market-Like Marketing

By | May 13, 2020

Though the nature of advertising migrated from printing to the internet, the underlying intention of the advertisement industry remains the same — to focus and target audiences with a lucid brand message and convert that particular audience into customers.

The only thing that has changed is the premise. There is no point in getting into teraflop calculations of how and why we have come to a place where advertising is being done on the web. It is quite simple — you need to target where people are, not where they are not. And people are all over the internet, and even when they are on the road, their heads are sunken into smart gadgets. That being the case, advertising on the internet sounds like a logical way of scaling up sales for your business.

The industrial revolution’s conclusion — which had its closure in the mid-18th century — signaled a grand beginning of the advertising trend. The revolution provided an impetus and encouraged people to conduct business, bringing forth economic and social prosperity for all.

Since then, history has been telling us that disruptive paradigm business models not only lays the groundwork for advanced and faster advertising activities, but it also has dramatically changed the way we look at advertising.

For a moment, think about all the advertising we have witnessed before the emergence of Adtech. Advertisements were thrown at us in the form of banners, print media, radio announcements, billboards, television, etc. Traditional advertisings were targeted at a mass audience; they were not precise and failed to considered audiences’ likes and dislikes. Now things have changed. Technology has decked out the advertising sector with artificial intelligence and machine learning, where advertisers are bringing, placing, and tracing their advertising efforts seamlessly.

The holy wedlock between advertising and technology — what we refer to as an Adtech — has now equipped advertisers with interactive tools that reach on a more personal level of customers. That’s Adtech for you.

Adtech is a convoluted system. In order to understand the mechanism of the Adtech ecosystem, let me walk you through a jungle of jargon.

Each term explained below leads to an understanding of the Adtech ecosystem.

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