Advance Beautician & Make-up Courses

By | November 4, 2020

Advance Beautician & Make-up Courses

PNY Pink is the place that beautifies yourself! Where we love to exceed your expectations because you deserve the best!
PNY Pink is an initiative to bring women an opportunity for growth and professional empowerment. It is the platform to provide you professional expertise through training, it also includes in-house training.
We are offering the Ultimate Makeup Course, Hair Cut Pro Course, and Beauty Expert Course to enhance the capabilities & skills of Professionals & Students. We create styles for the way you look and the way you live!

Learning Outcomes Of Ultimate Makeup Course:

• Beginner to Pro Makeup
• Face Shapes & Face Temperatures
• Skin Suitability
• Prepping & Priming
• Priming
• Foundation
• Eye Makeup
• Contouring & Highlighting
• International Techniques
• Bridal Makeup
• Live Demonstration

Career Benefits Of Hair Cut Pro Course:
• Knowledge of hair trimming
• Short length and long length cutting
• Front layer and step cutting
• Modern hair cuttings with perfection
• Client assistance according to the demand
• Different types of hair handling and much more
Be Your Own Beauty Expert Course:

• Skin Care
• Hair Treatment
• Makeup Techniques
• Styling & Consultation
• Hand feet & Body Reflexology
• Salon & Staff Management
• Media & social media strategies
• Workshop

PNY Pink brings to all the passionate females of Pakistan an opportunity to learn the best skills that are out of the box. We let them follow their passion and turn it into their profession.
• Where you will feel unique and special!
• Where passion & creativity meet!
• Where you will bring out the beauty in you!

All the courses related to the mainstream requirement of the industry and designed for HER only.

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