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By | July 22, 2019

Now, we aren’t trying to be too judgmental here as we present you with this list of personalities based on what you drive. Who are we kidding, we are being totally judgmental and loving every minute of it. Do, however, know that we are presenting this tongue-in-cheek and don’t get all hurt and go home crying to mommy if you disagree with our assessment. We are talking specifically to those gentlemen who drive Volkswagen Beetles of course for car air compressors.

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Author: Special Ops Tools

Special Ops Tools gets that tires are not a "one size fits all" situation and neither are air compressors. We have the M1A1 for cars, SUVs and light trucks, that powers from a cigarette lighter. The M240 is for larger tires, Jeeps and trucks, powered by a vehicle's battery. The MV89G is too powerful even for an ammo can and is designed for 35" or larger tires and powers from a vehicle's battery.