Apple TV Users Can Now Enjoy YouTube Kids

By | June 2, 2020

YouTube Kids is a service by Google that is focused on children and is loved widely by parents. Now, this video streaming service is available on Apple TV too. According to the recent announcement by the company, many users across the globe can now download Youtube Kids from the App Store. If you are a user who wants to launch YouTube Kids for your tiny tots, you can easily use it even without a Google login. Many Apple TV users in the UK, US and a myriad of other countries can enjoy YouTube Kids now.

YouTube Kids provides a child-friendly environment for kids. The video streaming service is selective in the sense that it prohibits any information or entertainment that is not good and appropriate for your child. It is a well-contained platform that’s different from the usual YouTube. It is mainly suitable for children under the age group of 3-8 years. A parental setup is a must to get started. The parental control helps parents to set some restrictions on their kids for the usage of YouTube kids. They can easily set content restrictions, viewing limits and more. Parents have found this feature useful as they can now keep an eye on what kind of content is served to their children, without hampering their enjoyment.

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