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With the delicate appearance and calming effect, these gemstones effectively eliminate stress and bring vibrant energies. The Phosphosiderite stones carry high vibrations and align a person to a bigger purpose, making them part of the wild universe. They are the great healer of the pain and take out the stress from the carrier's lives. Phosphosiderite is mainly found in Argentina, Chile, Germany, and Portugal. We at rananajay offer you wholesale Phosphosiderite and Phosphosiderite jewelry to bring charm to your doorsteps.

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Buy Antique Gemstone Moonstone Jewelry

By | November 19, 2021

Although Moonstone was not seen as a precious stone in the Victorian era, moonstone jewelry was considered ‘primary’ jewelry. This was because moonstone jewelry piece as a whole was valued for their artistry. As a result, the gemstone is still a favorite of many Antique Jewelry manufacturers. Rananjay Exports Members’ benefits: • Quantity discounts • Free shipping over… Read More »

Why Moonstone Attracts the Gemstone Traders

By | October 29, 2021

The moonstone indeed has spiritual benefits, but first, you need to get an idea of this stone’s technicalities and physical features. The refractive index of the moonstone ring is a talked-about point in justifying the quality of this gem. Precisely, it lies in 1.520- 1.525 in terms of the index. Rananjay Exports Members’ benefits: • Quantity discounts •… Read More »