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Hydrographics Design Plus Product Info

By | July 10, 2020

Hydrographics works best with objects that have flat or gently curved surfaces. Pointy and complicated objects do not work as well because the film has trouble wrapping around them. That being said, you may be surprised at the things hydrographics can do. Please read the originial post here:

Hydrographics – Design Plus

By | June 25, 2020

Hydrographics is also known as water transfer printing method. It is a type of print technology, in which hydro dip paper transfer its colourful pattern on the items via taking use of water as a dissolving medium. The perfect print effect makes hydro printing popular in the daily necessities market. Please read the originial post here:

Why hydrographic Film Failure?

By | June 10, 2020

Hydrographic ink dipping film is mainly used in the water transfer printing process for a large-area pattern effect. It is widely used in metals, ceramics, electronic products printing, and so on. So, always use these materials while doing a hydrographics tank. Please read the originial post here:

Why Select Fully Automate Hydrographics Film Machine?

By | June 5, 2020

Hydrographics film makes our lives increasingly bright, printing improvement consistently is loaded with our life, for example, roof water print, container paint, cup picture plunge, bike protective cap plunging and furniture design printing, so whether we remain at the house, work in the workplace or go out to shop in the shopping centre, we as a whole have… Read More »