Kalp Health Care

Kalp Health Care is one of the leading physiotherapy centers in Delhi NCR. Founded by Dr. K.K. Kant in the year 2013, we have a vision to provide high-quality treatment to patients who are suffering from different kinds of ailments. Kalp health care center is the one-stop solution for your physiotherapy needs. Moreover, Kalp Health Care includes a team of experienced professionals, ensuring world-class treatment with a high level of commitment and loyalty. Besides, the team and management are well-versed with modern techniques that help patients to find relief from their pains without any kind of harmful effects. In order to cure injuries of patients, Kalp Health Care center uses modern techniques when treating different problems such as Muscular, Fascia, Joints, Nerves, etc. With our set of rules and up-to-date technologies, we not only help patients to get a valuable solution for their treatments but find a cost-effective solution for their sufferings and pains. With a mission to understand patients’ physiotherapy needs, we not only offer physical treatment but also ensure the psychological well-being of patients.

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