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Kylin Manufactory Since 1995, as a real, direct and professional manufacturer in China, Kylin Manufactory has become one of premier OEM/ODM manufacturer and exporter specializing in producing board games, card games, playing cards, game components, velvet art posters, packaging boxes, and accessories. We own 4 factories: 1 printing factory,1 wood factory, 1 coin & 1 plastic factory and cooperate with more than 10 game parts professional factories ( 3 plastic forming factory, 1 printing & 1 packaging factory and 3 wood products factory,1 playmat factory, and 1 coin factory) to manufacture and export around 1 million pcs of game products per year. We have experienced people, world-class equipment, and personalized service to help our clients with full service of manufacturing board and card game, and more.

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Plastic Pawns China | Plastic Game Pawns

By | April 20, 2021

The players have to attack each other’s chess pieces, use their presence of mind and try to win the game. Chess with plastic pawns China can have three results; one where one of the players voluntarily resigns from the game and it is in an inescapable position, second where the king receives a checkmate, and last where the… Read More »

Plastic Ring – Buy Play Rings for Kids

By | April 20, 2021

In this day board games help you in bringing your family and relatives all together again for some fun, and not only that, but they are very educational as well. Board games with plastic ring are a great idea if you are ready to get your family interacting with each other. Please read the originial post here: http://www.kylingm.com/details/plastic-ring