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Wages Go Up as Prices Hit Record High: The Offshore Solution

By | September 27, 2021

Phoenix Virtual Solutions, one of the healthcare outsourcing companies in the Philippines, offer offshore solutions and staffing to healthcare providers, facilities, and management companies. Let’s talk about Wages Go Up as Prices Hit Record High today! Please read the originial post here:

The Rise of Telehealth Consultation During the Pandemic

By | September 23, 2021

Now that more people feel worried about their safety and prefer to stay home, even doctor appointments now need virtual solutions to cater to the new normal demands. This called for the rise of telehealth consultations. Learn more about it here. Please read the originial post here:

Ways to Introduce Employment: Coexisting with Coronavirus

By | September 14, 2021

How to remain business as usual during the pandemic? Phoenix Virtual Solutions shares tips on how companies can continue operating and offering services during COVID-19 while keeping employees and clients safe through medical outsourcing solutions. Please read the originial post here:

Your Virtual Assistant Customer Service Expert

By | September 10, 2021

There are a lot of advantages to gain and positions to fill when you hire a medical virtual assistant. These include having a dedicated customer support representative. Learn more about the advantages of outsourcing customer service. Please read the originial post here:

Back-office Support Outsourcing Solution

By | September 8, 2021

How do offshore healthcare virtual assistant services in the United States help companies compete while stabilizing price rises caused by high wages? In this article, Phoenix Virtual Solutions shares the benefits of back-office support outsourcing. Please read the originial post here:

Social Media Customer Service Outsourcing Traditional Strategy

By | September 7, 2021

By having a dedicated customer support outsourcing service, you now have manpower solely responsible for dealing with your clients anytime you want. Read this blog post today and get to know more about healthcare customer service outsourcing presently! Please read the originial post here: