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E-Rotek Water Systems Co., Ltd. is a complete water treatment solutions provider for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Founded in 1990, we have multiple well-established partners worldwide and clients in over 30 countries using our services to provide innovative and efficient pure water solutions. Our engineering design emphasizes low life-cycle costs with high-quality standards and responsive service support.

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RO Antiscalant

By | October 5, 2021

Reverse Osmosis is a process that eradicates a majority of contaminants from water that too by pushing the water under pressure along a semi-permeable membrane. Reverse Osmosis, commonly termed as RO antiscalant, is a process where de-mineralizing or de-ionizing of water is done by pushing it under pressure through a semi-permeable Reverse Osmosis Membrane. Please read the originial… Read More »

Ultrapure Water System

By | October 5, 2021

Ultra-pure water is very close to high-purity water, that is, water with almost no other electrolytes except for hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions. After the manufacturing process, various impurities dissolved or dispersed in water can be removed as much as possible, including any substances such as organic matter, bacteria, dust, oxides, and so on. According to the development… Read More »

Reverse osmosis filtration system | Industrial Water Purification

By | September 6, 2021

To make mainly to get every drop of water in the freshest and purest form, Choosing the latest commercial reverse osmosis filtration system and best quality is an important decision. The increasing demand for commercial RO systems is well-known. The commercial reverse osmosis filtration systems or the best range of commercial RO water systems have been designed to… Read More »

Ultrapure Water System – Municipal water treatment System

By | September 6, 2021

Municipal water treatment systems are usually quite effective in most industrialized countries. However, the treatment of public water is not infallible. There are increasing counts of incidents were into the tap water, residue from the use of pesticides, lead from outdated or faulty water pipes, or contaminants from pollution have found their way. On municipal water treatment facilities,… Read More »

Hemodialysis | Rotekwater

By | September 6, 2021

Water purity for dialysis is of critical importance for patient health and outcome, and in this regard, there are three major points to consider: ​ Hemodialysis (HD) patients are exposed to more than 400 Liters of water per week. Contrast this with a person with a normal kidney drinking only less than 15 Liters of water per week.… Read More »