Big Blue Swim School Franchise

Big Blue Swim School is growing across the US and is looking for qualified franchisees. Learn more about this profitable franchise opportunity. Swim School Franchise. $20 Billion Industry. Swim School Franchising Since 2009, Comfortable And Fun Environment.

Big Blue Swim School Prepares To Grow Through Franchise Opportunities

Big Blue Swim School’s real estate footprint is generally between 10,000 to 12,000 square feet, with 13 lanes across two 91-degree pools, which allows owners to map out class times by age group and make it easy for parents of multiple children to attend classes at the same time. Because teaching positions are filled by full-time child engagement… Read More »

Children’s swim school franchise, with a curriculum focused

“There are lots of working parents who are looking for someone to help keep their kids safe. Big Blue is the choice of millennial moms who want their kids to learn how to swim,” Thompson said, adding that 91 percent of all parents will at least try a swimming lesson for their children aged nine and under. Please… Read More »

Big Blue Swim School has established itself as a force to be reckoned

Their experiences taught the pair what was wrong with swimming, especially at the entry point, so they used their combined expertise to develop a swim lesson curriculum that measures progress in the ways that actually matter and is unmatched in the industry. Please read the originial post here:

Big Blue is poised to become the dominant national player in the swim school

“Big Blue is poised to become the dominant national player in the swim school segment and I look forward to working with the brand as we make it a household name,” said Monson. “Big Blue Swim School has significant early momentum in franchising. The strong unit economics, combined with proprietary technology and innovative distance-based curriculum, set Big Blue… Read More »

Looking for swim school franchise owners to develop in Georgia

“We are literally knocking on doors of properties that fit our profile, even if there’s a current tenant, to make sure we have the very best location. As an experience-based business that drives a lot of traffic to shopping centers, Big Blue Swim School is very attractive to landlords. The right real estate is pivotal to our success… Read More »

Franchise Growth Since Launching Opportunities Less Than a Year Ago

“The No. 1 cause of accidental death in kids under 10 is drowning. And so, for us, we thought, ‘Let’s be part of the solution,’” shared Zack. Furthermore, explained Brittany, “The confidence kids learn at the pool applies to the rest of their lives. We love that Big Blue truly teaches transferable, necessary life skills.” Please read the… Read More »