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"Explore Secure is dedicated to improving the safety and security of all travelers. Our objective is to educate, inform, train and drive thought processes that contribute to making travel safety for all. The Explore Secure eLearning travel safety briefings were designed exactly for this purpose. They are an efficient method of delivering a high standard of travel safety training to any number of personnel in an affordable, user-friendly method. Our innovative delivery platform allows managers to monitor progress and be notified on traveler completion - assisting with meeting duty of care requirements. Explore Secure is the training wing of ETS Risk Management, and also provides in-person training on a comprehensive range of courses in the travel risk management industry."

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What is a Rip Current?

By | March 5, 2020

But please, when you are safely back on shore, make every effort to ensure that others are aware of the rip current, too many people just get out and walk off leaving the danger unseen for others to stumble into. At Explore Secure we have eLearning travel safety a specific animated module on surviving rip currents, including many… Read More »

Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers | ExploreSecure

By | February 28, 2020

If you want to know more about personal safety when traveling, the ExploreSecure eLearning travel safety courses are designed by security professionals with extensive experience in Counter-Terrorism and personal safety. Our team stems from specialist backgrounds including the UK Government and Special-Forces and our coveted system focuses on pro-active avoidance measures. Please read the originial post here:

Is it safe to take Rideshare at night?

By | February 27, 2020

ETS Risk Management provides global secure ground transportation and Executive Protection using highly trusted and experienced local resources, all of which exceed the standard for business travel requirement. Please read the originial post here:

How to avoid exposure to Zika

By | February 20, 2020

Whilst the Zika virus no longer occupies the front pages of our newspapers a recent World Health Organization report has not only highlighted the ongoing risks of Zika but also that it is has spread extensively across South East Asia, and now affects key tourist destinations including Thailand and Indonesia. Please read the originial post here:

Why are females more likely to be a victim of Criminal Attention?

By | February 13, 2020

Learn first aidOff the beaten track or on the road less traveled you may find yourself in medical and first aid situations. Being able to care for you, friends and colleagues can significantly increase chances of survival in times of extremis. Learning how to identify, prevent, treat or diagnose the basics such as heat illness, traveler’s diarrhea and… Read More »

Travel Safety Tips | ExploreSecure

By | February 6, 2020

Both of Explore Secures travel safety training products will contain the GLBT safety module. The company has a Business Travel Safety Briefing for Corporate, and a Student travel safety briefing aimed primarily at scholastic organizations, gap year travelers and study abroad students. Please read the originial post here: