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i'm staffing author. Vitero Tiles are manufactured using the advanced, Italian SACMI technology. Our Double Charged Vitrified Tiles are made by fusing two layers of tiles. These tiles are factory sealed using Nano Polishing Technology, making them completely non-porous. The result is a stain resistant tile, with an extremely low water absorption level & unparalleled smoothness. All VITERO floor tiles have a perfect, square edge, giving them an aesthetic, slab-like look. Our nano polishing technology gives Vitero Tiles unmatched sheen & gloss ensuring your floors remain beautiful & elegant for years.

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uPVC profiles for all types of windows and doors

By | November 18, 2019

Being the experts that we are in the uPVC windows manufacturing business, great importance, and rigorous practices take precedence at every stage of manufacturing process. To attain consistent quality, Ökotech facility is equipped with technologically superior German equipment. In the end, the result is nothing short of premium lead free uPVC profiles for windows. Please read the originial… Read More »

uPVC Profiles in India, uPVC Profiles Wholesalers

By | November 18, 2019

Based on requirements, uPVC profiles are cut to the required dimensions on PLC controlled cutting machines. These profiles are taken to the drilling and copy routing machine, where necessary machining is done on the profile to fix the hardware and also provide water drainage slots. Galvanized Steel Reinforcements matching the profile sizes are inserted into the chambers of… Read More »

Double Charged Vitrified Tiles Collection

By | November 18, 2019

Double Charged Vitrified Tiles, We have shades of black that reflect the night sky, browns that replicate the Saharan dunes, and whites that are an ode to palaces from centuries past. The Vitero floor tile collection can be all things to all men and women! Every Vitero product finds inspiration from global destinations, their stunning sights, and sheer… Read More »

Double Charged Vitrified Tile Collections

By | November 18, 2019

Vitero tiles are stain resistant, strong, durable and their colour is unaffected by direct exposure to sunlight. Hence your tiles will remain vibrant and stunning for years. Vitero’s tiles are convenient to lay because of extremely low setting times and are the easiest to maintain since they don’t need to be polished after laying. FALL IN LOVE WITH… Read More »