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By | October 13, 2020

Customer data platform is one of the components of FiO’s intelligent CRM (iCRM), which is a platform that stores and connects customer data from website interaction, purchases, engagement, attributes, and market data.

This data in turn is used to give a real-time, complete view of the customer regardless of which channels and devices they interact with. Engagement data, including opens, clicks, and buys, is stored in the CDP along with order history, demographics, segmentation, persona, and RFM metrics to give you a 360-view of who each customer is. Having this level of data captured at the customer level allows the CDP to also provide a macro-view of your customer-base regarding customer segmentation and clumping, which is essential for your marketing strategy. CDP is the core of the iCRM solution, providing the data needed for engaging (CEP) and servicing (CSP) customers.

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