best motorcycle earplugs

By | November 25, 2020

When you’re out on your motorcycle, your best motorcycle earplugs should protect you from the wind rushing under your helmet. But they should also protect you from traffic (or other possible danger) surrounding you. And that’s something they don’t do by lowering the volume but by keeping the sound that does come in clear. This way you won’t be completely shut off from what’s happening around you. Another benefit of hearing things clearly is to better understand navigation and talk with fellow motorcyclists on an intercom.

But what determines an earplug’s sound quality?

In daily life, your ear canal acts as a natural resonator. It makes sure sound sounds as it was intended to sound. But when putting in earplugs, you lose that function. Most earplugs don’t compensate for this loss of function as they block your ear completely. The result? An uneven and muffled sound experience. In order to compensate for this loss of function and to offer a great sound experience, an earplug must have a resonance chamber.

A resonance chamber replaces the natural resonance your ears usually make. In earplug terms, this translates itself to an equal attenuation over the entire hearing spectrum. In other words: you’ll hear sound as it was intended to sound – just less loud. This resonance chamber can take many forms. At Loop, we went for an innovative approach and designed a hollow acoustic channel that has the same length as your ear canal and mimics its function. With a natural sound experience as a result.

Earplugs that meet the three requirements above are not only interesting if you’re a motorcyclist. They also come in handy for your backseat passengers or if you love to ride a convertible or even practice a sport that requires a helmet, like skydiving for example. And yes, that last one is true! One of our customers is an indoor skydiving instructor and he uses them at work.

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