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By | March 2, 2021

Brackish Water is generally termed as the water which has a very high amount of TDS between 10000 to 15000 milligram/Litre. So, to consume it is like consuming harmful minerals and putting your life at risk. Industrial brackish water RO system is used to lower down the ultra-saline levels of water to a normal level. Reverse Osmosis is the process of thrusting a solvent from a high solute concentration region through a membrane to a low solute concentration region.
Today the bottled water industry is worth billions of dollars, so reverse osmosis has been a lot of help for industries that convert saline water into normal water apt for drinking. The membrane is designed in such a way that it allows only water to pass through, leaving ions and salts behind. A dense barrier layer made up of polymer separates the water from impurities. The process requires high exertion pressure on the high concentration side of the membrane i.e., 30-250PSI for brackish water and 600-1000 PSI for seawater.

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Author: Peter Huang

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