Buying facts about larimar jewelry

By | October 16, 2021

Larimar is a rare beauty and takes time to form. This pectolite mineral is available in white to grey shade and is found in various places around the world. However, the highest desirable stone is available in the Dominican republic. The copper presence leads to the blue color inclusion in the Larimar jewelry. 

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Author: Jenny Thomas

The idea of Rananjay Exports came into being almost a year before it was established when during one of the foreign trips, we saw a beautiful blue colored gemstone on the beach. Since we always had a passion for collecting gems, it was the 'eureka moment' for us. We decided that a gem that is as beautiful as this one should be made available to everyone. Starting with creating jewelry with this gemstone appeared to be the best idea, which eventually grew into more than a hundred varieties of the same. The idea was highly appreciated. We got an overwhelming response from the market and the support of our family and friends in establishing Rananjay Exports.