Can a baby get a rash from a viral infection?

By | August 6, 2021

Viral rashes are very common in newborns. Another name for viral rash is viral exanthema, which is something every infant faces after birth.

Definitely, a baby can get rashes like drool rash of measles that further result in viral infection.
The symptoms of viral infection are redness and pink spots on the body that may be itchy or may not be also running nose, sore throat, and high fever.

Rashes that occur from viral infection are mostly seen on both sides of the chest, stomach, and back. In case of a drool rash baby, rashes are covered around the mouth area including the chin.

There is nothing to panic about if there appears to be a rash after fever in adults. All you need to do is to consult the pediatrician if the viral goes on for long. Because when a baby starts having teeth also there are chances of getting a fever. So better not to get worried about it. All to be done is to consult the pediatrician and get a solution.

Rash and fever in adults or even in infants do not indicate any serious illness. They are considered a normal condition suffered by most infants.

When to see a doctor?

1.) If the rash starts to appear near the eyes and mouth. But if it’s drool rash, do use coconut oil or Vaseline on a daily basis on your baby’s skin to treat it. For drool rash treatment Vaseline and coconut oil seems the most effective natural ways.
2.) If it lasts for more than 4 days, then there is a need to see a doctor.
3.) If the rash color changes to dark purple.
4.) If a breathing issue is faced by an infant
5.) If the rash appears to be swollen and extremely painful.

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