Cannabis Growing Media: Natural Coco Coir – Best for Indoor Growers

By | November 7, 2020

For the first time indoor growers, one question comes in mind. What is the best medium to use for your cannabis grow operation? Different man different choice, but the best of best is – natural coco medium. Why it is the best medium for indoor cannabis growers? Here, we will tell you the pros of growing cannabis in coco coir.

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Author: Riococo Mmj

Riococo/Ceyhinz Link, Inc, is the leading 100% organic coconut Coco medium manufacturer and supplier to the Hydroponics, Vertical Farms, Rooftop Gardening, Urban Gardening, Open Field and Retail/Hobby Gardening industries. Riococo has over 15 years’ experience spanning 47 countries in the hydroponics industry.