Casting Aluminum

By | September 30, 2020

In days gone, outdoor furniture was cast from iron. cast aluminum avoids the blight of paint peeling and rust, but carries all of the charm and grace of cast furniture.
The process by which this gorgeous furniture is made begins with a model carved from wood. This wooden model is then wont to create a metal mold. A mold is made by pressing the wooden replica into casting sand, then pouring molten lava into the impression created. Employed to make the beautifully ornate cast aluminum furniture that we frequently see gracing outdoor settings the molten metal cools it forms a cast.

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Author: Ryan Brown

Flaming Foundry Co., Ltd is a leading custom metal casting manufacturer in Yongkang City, China that has been operating over many years in this industry. As far as concerned with the demand for first-rate custom metal parts, we offer a wide spectrum of tailored parts cast in preferred metals and metal alloys.