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By | April 10, 2020

Hello readers and readers, how are you? Here is Jully from JM Odontologia Integrada and in today’s post we will explain what caries is and how they arise. Caries is one of the most common problems in dentists’ offices. It can affect people of all ages, from babies to the elderly, and as soon as it is detected, it should be treated immediately.
What is caries?
Caries is a form of tooth decay that develops beneath its surface. For this reason, it is usually difficult for the patient to detect. The best way to find out if you have cavities is to consult a trusted dentist who will check your teeth and see if this problem really exists.
There are three different types of caries:
Coronary caries – the most common of these, remain on the chewing surface or between the teeth. This type can occur in both children and adults, also affecting baby teeth.
Root caries – appear when the roots of the tooth are exposed due to the retraction of the gums. This retraction, which happens as we get older, leaves the root without enamel protecting it, which ends up causing its deterioration.
Recurrent caries – when caries appears in previously made restorations and crowns. They occur due to the accumulation of plaques in this region
How to prevent tooth decay
Prevention against cavities is done with the adoption of appropriate habits when taking care of teeth on a daily basis. Now that you know what decay is, follow the tips below to keep your teeth strong and healthy.
Always brush your teeth after every meal, and don’t forget to floss!
Go to the dentist every 6 months to have your teeth checked and cleaned.
Follow a more balanced diet, avoiding sweets and carbohydrates.
Where to treat cavities in the South Zone of São Paulo
In São Paulo you can count on JM Integrated Dentistry to take care of your teeth health. In our Dentistry Clinic in São Judas you will find several specialties, aiming to offer a complete service for you and your whole family. We offer the following specialties:
Aesthetic Dentistry
Pediatric Dentistry
Functional Jaw Orthopedics
Dental prosthesis
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