Dietitian in Patiala

By | November 9, 2020

The royal city of Patiala is known for its fondness of food and the occasional Patiala Peg. With such love for good food, it does get difficult to remain fit. But fret not, as the best Dietitian in Patiala is always available for you and your health-based requirements. With a national presence of more than 20 clinics, Dietitian Shreya’s Family Diet Clinic is present in Patiala too and we promise to transform you totally and take you towards a life of fitness and great disease-free life. Get in touch soon and experience the magic of diets.

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Author: Dietitian Shreya

My name is Dietitian Shreya. I am 35 years old, a Clinical Dietitian & certified Yoga Expert (YIN Aerial). Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a strong will to change people’s mindset about health. I’ve always been inspired by nature and its ability to magically transform us from within. I truly believe in this power of nature and seek to help you manifest the greater good of nature by helping you understand its benefits and consuming vegan diets. I am very humbled that I can look back to the day I began as a nutritionist and say for certain that till date; I have been able to assist and help more than 1 lakh people with these natural remedies. I intend to keep helping you wonderful folk to test out, the wonderful space of dietetics and nutrition that you may be able to lead a life that works to the best of your ability. I work with my team. We have certified junior Dietitians who will look after your problems. We are available on all social media platforms and you can also watch videos of our health tips. We pay heed to all kinds of clientele and provide the best natural services (ayurvedic therapies) across the globe.