Do You Know About Bioavailable Testosterone?

By | February 4, 2021

Testosterone can be divided in number of different types and among them bioavailable testosterone is also one of the types. This is a kind of hormone that is naturally produced by humans. It can contribute to various secondary male sex characteristics. Besides producing anabolic effects, it can also affect our emotion and mental health too.

Bioavailable testosterone

As we all know testosterone is mainly produced by male testicles. Women too produce it in smaller quantity in their ovaries. Also, both men and women produce testosterone through adrenal glands that is located above kidney. The testosterone level may vary according to age and current health status. The level of testosterone can also affect due to any kind of illness, infection or injury to testicles and problem in the pituitary gland.

Pituitary gland is also known as master gland and it controls the functions of many other glands. Increase and decrease of hormones are also controlled by this gland. This gland in fact sends signal to testicles to control the level of the testosterone. The gland that controls the pituitary gland is known as hypothalamus gland, which is located in the brain. It is responsible to maintain our body.

Testosterone is a very powerful hormone in our body and it also consists of number of different components and can also be measured by testing. It circulates in our blood and decides our sex desire and also emotions. It is also known as androgen which is a bioavailable form of testosterone. Our testosterone level can be considered at normal level, even if bioavailable testosterone level is low in our body. That is because testosterona biodisponible levels can be higher than what is measured.

The bioavailable testosterone levels can be measured by a test called TTBS (Testosterone Total Bioavailable Serum). The typical range for any adult is 300 for 950 NG per deciliter. The level for a 30-year young person may be almost double the value of a 65-year-old person.

Consult doctor to know your testosterone level

If any adult person feels lack of sex drive or may not be able to produce sufficient sperm then it is better to consult doctor who may recommend testing your testosterone level. It can be detected by a simple blood test. You can also ask your doctor to find out about your bioavailable testosterone in order to know whether your level is normal according to your age.

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