Fees of accounting services

By | November 7, 2020

Fees of accounting services are established individually for each client, depending mainly on the amount of accounting documents and number of transactions per month. Other factors that determine fees for our services are: complexity of transactions, industry of the business, number of employees and amount of assets.
Invoices for the accounting services are usually billed on a monthly basis. However, we can also agree to quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments for services provided. We fully appreciate and understand that each client must plan his/her financial activity beforehand.

Hourly based fees & fixed-fee arrangements
There is always an option to calculate accounting fees on time-spent basis. As practice shows, a lot of foreign clients prefer to cooperate on a fixed-fee arrangement terms, as it provides more certainty and predictability. However, if the amount of work is almost unpredictable or accounting operations are of higher complexity level – we may try to negotiate an hourly based fee.

If you would like to receive a fixed-fee proposal for accounting services in advance, please provide us with the following information:

Description of planned operations, movement of goods and services as well as cash flow;
Planned amount of incoming invoices;
Planned amount of outgoing invoices;
Number of corporate bank accounts and currencies, which will be used for payments.

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