Final Fantasy 7 Remake The Talking Lion: Red 13 Explained

By | February 18, 2020

The remake of Final Fantasy 7 is as beautiful as expected and there are some unique characters added in the game. One of them is a talking lion creature that may have confused you at first glance as well. It is true that some of the players still don’t understand the creature properly because it seems like a dog. The name of this unique creature is Red 13 and he recently appeared in the trailer of “Final Fantasy 7 remake.”

Red 13 is among the most playable character in Final Fantasy 7 and also a mysterious party member too. You can also watch the tattoo on the body of the beast that represents it is Red 13. He is definitely a non-human character and looks better in the new Final Fantasy 7 remake. Here is everything you should know about Red 13:

About Red 13

In Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer, Red 13 debut again in a much better way from the previous game. Unlike the previous game, the current version looks upgraded and advanced with great details on the body. Red 13 is an excessively detailed character than the human characters of the game. This creature is a first four-leg party member and is designed this way particularly to look unique. Red 13 doesn’t look like a normal animal, and from the looks and body structure, definitely not a dog.

He might be a result of lion and wolf, and that is why his species in Final Fantasy 7 remake is exceptional in Gaia world of Final Fantasy 7. There aren’t many details available about the species of Red 13, but as per its life, they live much more than human life. He got this name because of an experiment that was held by Professor Hojo (a villain in Final Fantasy 7.)

He is excellent in fighting and mostly uses headdresses to put extreme damage to the opponent. Red 13 is more likely to use physical attacks on the enemy. His physical damage and attack abilities are useful and affect the enemy instantly while fighting.

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