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By | September 7, 2020

FiO’s Marketplace enables retailers to utilize state of the art solutions and components and introduce their business to next level development, integration, and analytics.

Group FiO is a leader in the world of Hyper-Personalization, Prescriptive Analytics, and Closed Loop Integration. It’s in our DNA to build products that are critical to evolving the CX. Using FiO’s Opensource and Enterprise components and solutions will elevate your team to new heights.

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FiO is a leading provider of cloud-based innovative business solutions, which includes: Intelligent CRM, Customer Data Platform, Customer Service Platform, Customer Engagement Platform, and Intelligent Assistant. Also, we offer the Intelligent Unified Commerce Platform for businesses focusing on e-commerce, order fulfillment and inventory management. Our platforms are aimed to achieve a rapid ROI, to integrate and automate business operations, to help manage and improve efficiency and lower overhead costs. FiO also offers a variety of leading open-source process consulting and implementation services such as Apache Foundation, Open EMM, and Activiti. Our web services cover all things social and digital media, SEO strategy, PR content, and web development.