Guide to car insurance in Switzerland

By | November 2, 2019 provides a thorough guide to car and motor vehicle insurance in Switzerlandwhich will help you protect your motor vehicles which include cars, scooters, motorbikes, professional or camping vehiclesand boats. Depending on your choice motor vehicle insurance in Switzerlandprovides you with the following benefits:
• Road-user liability:Liability insurance will protect your car if and only if another road user is responsible for the accident that damaged your car. If you are proved to be responsible for the damage of your car, the liability insurance will not pay for it. It should be noted that road-user liability insurance is obligatory in Switzerland and if you do not subscribe to it, you will not be able to register your vehicle.
• Partial-casco: This Swiss car insurance module will protect your car from every kind of damage except for damage to the bodywork and paintwork. Partial-casco insurance protects your motor vehicles from unforeseen events such as fire, explosions, short-circuits, natural disasters, animal collision, broken glass and theft.

• Full-casco:The full-casco insurance is an all-risk module. It will fully compensate the policyholder for any damage done to the bodywork or paintwork of the vehicle after a collision or parking damage whether it is self-inflicted or not.

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