High Pressure Die Casting

By | September 4, 2020

By injecting molten metal into molds or dies under High-Pressure Die Casting of Metal objects. For automobile carburetors and sewing machines to aluminum engine-block castings, products range from tiny parts and great precision is possible. Only in how the molten metal is introduced, the two major die-casting techniques differ: in the cold-chamber process, a plunger impels the metal into the cold die cavity; the metal is ladled into a chamber, in which it quickly hardens.

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Author: Ryan Brown

Flaming Foundry Co., Ltd is a leading custom metal casting manufacturer in Yongkang City, China that has been operating over many years in this industry. As far as concerned with the demand for first-rate custom metal parts, we offer a wide spectrum of tailored parts cast in preferred metals and metal alloys.