Highly Qualified B2B Leads

By | November 22, 2020

DRV is an agency that provides IT marketing services, and our specialty lies in generating qualified leads for C-Level and senior managers in the IT and industry sectors with a clear and defined focus on companies and B2B businesses in sectors of technology (Manufacturers, partners, distributors, integrators, …), who need pre-sales and commercial support to grow their business.

Highly qualified lead generation services specialized in:

Security, cybersecurity and computer forensics
Corporate collaboration, video conferencing and multimedia
Networks and infrastructures
HR, training and internal communication
Energy sector (photovoltaic, natural gas, propane, …)
Water treatment and waste management
Solutions for logistics and transportation
Learn about the objectives and advantages, as well as the means and channels that support the campaigns and strategies to generate B2B leads at C-Level and senior management together with the commercial and marketing teams of our clients.

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