How Businesses can Use Skype to Set Contact Privacy Relationship and Block Someone

By | May 21, 2020

Whenever you add someone to your skype account, by default, the contact lands up in the colleague’s category. A little information could be seen by this relationship, while, on the other hand, the‘workgroup’ category can see a little more detailed information. Thus, to block someone on Skype for business, follow the steps mentioned below:

Enter your ID and Password to login to your Skype account.
In the ‘Contacts List,’ select the ‘Relationship Tab.’
From here, right-click on your contact and set ‘Privacy Relationship.’
Put down your location settings and hide them right under your name.
Click and enable ‘Privacy’ mode.
Block whosoever you want to, from the contacts.
Whenever you log in to your Skype for business, the location automatically gets updated. To hide the location next time, go through the process above, and your location will not long appear to others.

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