By | June 12, 2020

Although generally used to lose weight, a carbohydrate blocker can affect your energy, concentration, sleep, and blood sugar. Keto diet plans are a good example of a carb blocker or a starch blocker. Atkins is another diet that aims to work as a protein world carb blocker. These diets work because they keep the body from having to breakdown and absorb carbohydrates. But, Keto and Atkin’s diets require the type of discipline that you might struggle with.

There may be an easier way. For instance, you could lose weight and reduce the effects of carbs on your body with a supplement that may have side effects. You could also opt for a more natural route, namely a carb burner like guava leaves or guava leaf tea. But, do carb blockers work? To answer that question, let’s consider what a carb burner is supposed to do.

In simplest forms, the best carb blocker inhibits enzymes that allow the body to absorb carbohydrates. Instead of absorbing carbs, your body can release the starch. This is because carb blockers have alpha-amylase inhibitors. It’s these inhibitors that could also aid in weight loss.

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