How to Build Your Perfect Design Team: Strategy for Product Owners

By | October 18, 2021

I guess most product owners find it quite stressful and difficult to hire a new team member, so building the whole design team (an effective one!) may seem like mission impossible.

Dealing with the question “how to build a design team?” is not a one-day task, you have to not only find candidates and evaluate their skills, but create the whole company culture and favorable environment that would attract the best people for your project and business in general.

Eleken is a team of product designers (with emphasis on the word “team”) that has the experience of working with projects of different scales and complexity. That’s why we understand that having a reliable, dedicated, and well-structured team determines half of the project’s success.

To begin with, before discussing the approach that would help you build a killer design team, let’s figure out what such a team consists of.

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