How to Fix Not Enough Disk Space Error on Microsoft Excel

By | March 24, 2020

Excel is one of the most critical programs in the Microsoft Office used globally. Microsoft always releases updates to fix some bugs and issues found over time. One of the bugs found in many updates is insufficient Memory Error Code.
There are many reasons which lead to the generation of this message. Once these messages displayed on the screen when we can do to remove it.
1. Check the Content
Many reasons can affect the size of an excel file; some of them are as follows:
• When you insert extra columns and rows.
• When you add the content through copy and pasting.
• Doing the calculations in the file.
• Shorting the data.
• Addition of opening and closing in the file.
If you use these actions, then there is the possibility that you are going to get the error message out of memory. If you get the error message later try to the following task to remove these message:
• Recheck the used mathematical formulas.
• Try to avoid the use of extra designs.
• Check the calculation done in the file.
• Try to evade the complex tables used here.
• Remove the unnecessary complex charts having a lot of data points.
• Review the Add-ins of Excel
Sometimes the add-in can be the reason for the out of memory in Microsoft Excel. So, if there are any extra add-in active in the program, then try to disable those add-in, which is unused and not that necessary to you.
• Tap on “File” on the Toolbar.
• Click on “Options” from the list shown.
• Tap on the “Add-ins” option.
• Then click on “Go.”
• Choose the unnecessary and unused add-ins.
• Then uncheck the box in front of those add-ins.
• Tap on the button, “OK.”
• Disable the Antivirus
When you create an Excel file, the antivirus programs run on the background and continuously checks the file. So excessive scanning can full the memory, which leads to the display of the error message.
Thus, disable the antivirus program until you create the excel file. If there is an option to leave any specific type of file, then put the excel file extension there. So even the Antivirus is enabled, but it doesn’t scan the Excel file.
• Prefer the 64-bit Excel version
Microsoft Excel v.32-bit only allows the 2 GB space. If, in any case, this limit crosses, then the error message of insufficient surfaces.
On the other hand, the maximum limit of the v.64-bit is 4 GB, which can be more than sufficient for normal users.
• Go back to the Default Printers Setting
Sometimes the caches of excel and printer can create some glitch. In this case, you can unplug the printer and reattach it and clear the caches of excel. Even if this doesn’t make the error message go away, then you can make some changes in the default printer setting. To do that, follow the steps:
• Turn off the Excel program.
• Tap the “Start” button
• Click on the “Setting” button.
• Click on the “Devices” in the options list.
• Find the “Printers” and tap on it.
• Find the “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” and right-click on it.
• Tap on the “Set as Default.”
• Keep the Program Updated
As the passage of time, the application starts to face some bugs; that is the reason why Microsoft always releases the updates in which it keeps fixing the bugs of the previous version. Keeping the program up to date can save you from many trouble and errors.
• Right-click on button “Start.”
• Click on the Apps and Features from the list that pop-upped
• Tap on the “Microsoft Excel,” then click on the “Modify.”
From here on, the difference comes in play depending upon whether it is Click-to-Run and MSI-Based Install.
Click to Run
• Tap on the Online Repair.
• Select the Repair so that it fixes the bugs.
• Tap on the Repair from the Change your Installation
• Then tap of Continue.
• Then only follow the instructions.
If these tricks don’t work and fix the error, then you have only one option, that is Re-installation of the Excel.

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