How to hire an SEO copywriter or writer? Choose the best!

By | November 22, 2020

Hiring a Freelance SEO writer or writer will add value and quality to the content you offer on your website and help you communicate more effectively with your audience, but how do you choose the best one? I’ll tell you what you should look for in the future SEO content expert for your website!

Why hire an SEO writer? This question haunts the head of many web page owners, but many of them still do not understand that having an SEO writer who handles the techniques of Copywriting , who is in charge of writing their content in a personal and professional way, will raise the level of your website will make it more reliable and will be approved by Google.

A good writer or editor for your website must perfectly handle all the techniques of Copywriting, or persuasive writing, and have extensive knowledge of SEO optimization.

It is simple! Google will only offer its audience content that it considers useful , original , well written, rich and easy to understand . Can you do all this yourself? Shoe rack to your shoes! Writing the content of a web page takes time and requires dedication, it should not be a chore for amateurs!

The Internet is saturated with poor quality content, full of errors in the writing of web pages , from which Google seeks to protect its users. So you should trust an SEO copywriter or writer to do this job for you.

Choosing the right SEO copywriter is not easy or easy; I’m going to tell you what qualities the right SEO writer should have and how this will benefit your company. If you still think you don’t have time for it, don’t worry either! At Xplora we only work with the best SEO writers and editors , contact us and we will help you to hire the most suitable for your company. In the meantime, I’m sure this post will be of great help to you!

Why hire an SEO copywriter?

The answer is simple: because every web page requires content , a lot of content, and this takes time, dedication and requires certain writing skills that not everyone has.

You should not be worrying about writing SEO content for your company, because you must invest your energy and time in other aspects of the business that require your supervision.

Hiring an SEO writer or writer will guarantee that your website will always have original, novel and attractive content for your target audience, your potential clients.

Any business that wants to improve web positioning and SEO must stand out from its competition , and that is precisely what an SEO copywriter will do for your company! It will make you stand out for the unique content you offer on your website!

Therefore, if currently your website does not attract the attention of your audience, or does not receive the volume of visits you expect and you wonder why nobody reads your blog , it is very possible that it is due to how you write your web content, so take action!

What can an SEO copywriter do for your company?

Hiring an SEO copywriter can benefit you, a lot. Statistics reveal that web pages that constantly update their content, apply SEO Copywriting techniques , include new topics and respond to their clients’ concerns, generate more visits , gain a good reputation among users and Google and, consequently, increase your sales .

But writing, and especially writing good content, takes time, effort and having a good eye to know what to write about, to present it properly to the user. It’s complex, right? Well, this is exactly what the SEO writer does!

Benefits of hiring an SEO writer or copywriter

Hiring an expert SEO writer will simplify many tasks on your website , as this professional is capable of showing your ideas, sometimes simple and without clear definition, in an attractive and original way.

The SEO writer or writer has the ability to understand your audience and connect your company with them, thereby generating more visits, a good reputation among users and Google and, consequently, increasing your sales.

In addition, your SEO writer will be able to connect with your audience when writing, and will convey the essence of your business in each piece that he writes for you. At the same time, you will know how to find the perfect keywords , which are extremely important for your website to be found by search engines, such as Google, and you will be able to understand your audience to provide them with relevant, useful information that makes them want to return to your website constantly.

Today, there are several ways to find an SEO expert writer, but one of the most popular is to hire a Freelance SEO Writer , a freelancer and outsider (freelance). Let’s see how to do it.

How to Find and Hire a Freelance SEO Copywriter or Writer?

To find an SEO writer you have two options; You can hire a Freelance SEO writer through a Marketplace or you can hire an SEO writing agency .

Whichever option you choose, your SEO writer must be consistent in writing the content, must deliver it within the agreed timeframe and must be familiar with the type of business or website you have. These premises will guarantee you to establish a good working relationship .

There are many other aspects to consider, but I have left them almost for the end of the article. We go step by step, and we start with the web pages where to look for SEO Freelance writers.


Freelancer is one of the Marketplace to find a most popular SEO copywriter worldwide, which makes it a web page where you will find many answers to your contract request.

In addition, it is also one of the most expensive , but it is worth it if you have a large budget and if you want to be able to choose from many quality Freelance SEO copywriters. Take the time and evaluate all the proposals!


Upwork works similarly to Freelancer. You create your work project, always trying to be very specific and punctual with things such as what your website is about, how many words are the articles you require, availability of the editor, how long is your project, how much are you willing to pay, among others, as this way each editor can apply if it suits their work style.

Then, you will receive several proposals (as it is another of the most used platforms for Freelance jobs ) and you will decide who seems to adapt to what you are looking for.


Problogger is an ideal place if you want to find a Freelance Blogger who will take care of your blog quickly.

It is not as popular a website as the previous ones and you will have to pay for your ad before publishing your job offer.

Hubstaff talent

At Hubstaff Talent you can find an SEO writer among the thousands that the platform offers. The good thing is that it is free to publish your ad or job offer.


Scripted is a platform specialized in offering content writing of all kinds and for any purpose, such as blog posts, electronic newsletters, publications for social networks, in short.

You can register for free for a limited time.

Blogging Pro

Blogging Pro is a website where there are hundreds of Freelance bloggers and writers. You can post an ad and wait for the platform to show you which options seem to match your offer. Then, it only remains for you to decide.

The first 30 days are free on the web, but after that you will have to pay to publish.


Despite its name, PeoplePerHour is a website where you can also hire an SEO copywriter per project (and not just per hour).

Its platform is very well organized so that you can publish your offer and have access to the copywriters who match your ad right there. It is one of the easiest Marketplaces to use and that have been becoming popular these days.

Writer Acces

Writer Acces is an exclusive website to hire a Freelance SEO writer . It is very similar to Scripted.

Although it was created only in 2014, it already has about 15 thousand writers, so there you can find an ideal SEO writer for any task you want, be it for web content, blog articles, product descriptions, etc.


Textbroker is similar to other web pages, only that it also offers a service called Self-Service where you as a customer can leave your order and wait for a certain number of editors to respond to your proposal by doing a percentage of the work so that, after review it, decide which option you like best.

In addition, they have other types of orders or packages that can work for you if you do not have a lot of time and you need large amounts of content.


Craigslist offers many online recruiting services , so you can find SEO content writers there based on your current needs.

When you register on their website, you will notice that it is organized by sections. In the services part you will find the writing / editing / translation section, where you can access the profiles of the editors.

How to hire an SEO copywriting agency?

Hiring an SEO copywriting agency can be very helpful if you don’t have the time it takes to publish your job offer, provide information to candidates, evaluate the SEO writers who come forward and manage their hiring.

SEO copywriting agencies will ensure the quality of the content for your website, and will choose from their team the best writer that suits what you are looking for.

Also, in case you want to change your SEO writer , they can solve it quickly, something that could be annoying in a Marketplace , because again you will have to repeat the process of selecting and hiring the SEO writer.

On the other hand, if you have short, medium and long-term jobs, by establishing an optimal link with your SEO writing agency, you will always have on hand a team of professionals ready to write content for your business when you need it. This is a great advantage! It gives you greater security and you will not have to pay extra commissions (such as those charged by Marketplaces ).

Of course, the ideal would be to unify all your SEO and web positioning strategy and hire SEO services from an expert SEO company, such as we are at Xplora, who is in charge of all the content and optimization of your website.

Tips when hiring an SEO writer or copywriter

When you enter the web pages that I have mentioned above, you will notice that there are many, many SEO editors and writers, of all kinds! Each one will offer you different characteristics, that is why I will leave you a list with the main qualities that you should look for in an SEO writer :

That he is familiar with the niche of your business and website, because then he will already know how to address your target audience and what type of content he should create for it.

That you have excellent spelling and grammar , otherwise how can you write quality content? There is no time to waste editing and corrections for bad spelling, so be very strict about it.

Make it easy for him to follow your instructions . This is very important, because an SEO writer must be able to follow the instructions indicated, as well as understand the tone you want to give the content of your website. Find a copywriter capable of understanding what you want and being able to create it for you.

That he has availability , so that you can communicate with him freely and whenever you have any questions or need his services. To do this, you must be able to establish a good working relationship with your SEO writer from the beginning.

That guarantees you responsibility and transparency . You need to have someone who meets the stipulated delivery time for each work, at the same time that this person must guarantee that their writings are original and not a mere and absurd copy that they took from another web page.

Create attractive, unique and novel content. This way, your website will gain authority and enjoy greater acceptance by your audience, as well as increase your ranking in web search engines. Everyone is captivated by the new, so demand that your SEO copywriter create engaging and innovative articles and posts. Imagination has no limits!

Keep it constant , as I said at the beginning. A web page needs a lot of content, so your SEO writer must have the time available to constantly create the content that you need. Freelance work does not mean that writers should not be constant with their tasks, but rather that they have the freedom to choose the hours and days of work, but always considering the needs of their client. Ultimately, a happy customer means more job opportunities for that freelancer.

That they have knowledge of SEO, even if they are basic! Well, this way the writer will understand from the beginning the importance of optimizing keywords and creating content that attracts the public to generate traffic. You will be able to write in a way that clients get answers to their questions. These aspects will help your website to improve its positions in the search engine results lists. In addition, today there has been much talk about the importance of SEO, so every good writer should know what it is and how it works.

Conclusion: an SEO copywriter or writer will ensure you quality content

If you follow all the tips that I have left you here, you can hire a suitable SEO writer . Remember to take the time to define what you want on your website and thus be able to let your future SEO writer know.

Of course you can write good content for your website even if you are a bad writer , but having a Freelance SEO writer can make the difference between you and your main competitors. So do not hesitate to allocate a small portion of your budget for it, because your writer could make your users fall in love thanks to the way they write .

Unique, creative, original and quality content will allow you to gain the trust of users with your website , a seal of trust that you can show to your visitors, so take advantage of it!

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