How to Install watchOS 6.2 Beta 3 on Apple Watch

By | February 29, 2020

The Apple Watch is one of the best wearables in these days since its top-notch quality is unbeatable and can’t be compared to other products. Moreover, it is equipped with Apple’s dedicated operating system for its smartwatches known as watchOS. Recently Apple launched the new testing version of its watchOS for the developers.

Apple named it watchOS 6.2 beta 3, and you can download it directly from Apple’s official website with the help of instructions mentioned in this article.

How to Download and Install watchOS 6.2 Beta 3

In order to install the watchOS beta on your device, Apple demands its users to install the beta certificate on their smartwatches. Once the certificate is downloaded and installed to a watch, users become eligible to install the watchOS beta. So, the first step is to install the watchOS beta certificate on your Apple Watch.

Simple Way to Installing watchOS 6.1 Beta Certificate

If you want to install the watchOS 6.1 beta certificate on your Apple Watch, then kindly follow the steps given down here:

On your iPhone, please open up an internet browser.
Now head to the URL bar and then put in
Once the Apple developer portal opens on the iPhone that is linked to your Apple Watch, head to Discover.
Then make a hit on the watchOS link.
Now navigate to the Download link.
Log in to your account with the help of your Apple ID when asked to do so.
Head to the Install Profile option situated beside the watchOS 6 Beta option.
Now head to Allow when asked to confirm your decision.
Then head to Install begin.
When asked, put in your Passcode to continue.
Navigate to Install and move forward.
After that, head to Restart, and your device will then reboot.
Now the watchOS 6.1 beta certificate is installed successfully on your device, and you are all set to initiate the download and installation process. See the next guide to install the newly released watchOS beta.

Installing watchOS 6.2 beta 3 on Apple Watch

1) Using Your iPhone to Install watchOS 6.2 Beta 3

The beta certificate actually notifies the Watch application on an iPhone that a newer watchOS beta version is available to download and install. When your Watch app senses the news update, the further procedure of installation is almost identical to the other usual watchOS updates. Now follow these instructions to complete the installations process of the all-new watchOS 6.2 beta 3 update:

Make sure that your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi and then open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
Head to My Watch tab from the main screen.
Then navigate to the General option.
Press on the Software Update option.
Head to the Download and Install link.
Provide the passcode of your account to the option saying iPhone Passcode.
Make sure to be Agree with the program’s Terms and Conditions.
Now before initiating the final command, ensure to charge your Apple Watch to a minimum of 50% then keep it connected to its magnetic charger.
Now hit the Install button on your iPhone or on the Apple Watch.
Now the download and installation process of watchOS 6.2 beta 3 will begin. It will first download the package then and sent it to the Apple Watch. Then your Apple Watch will restart once to install the update. The progress will be displayed on the screen of your Apple Watch, and when it finishes the watchOS 6.2 beta 3 will be ready

In case the installation fails due to a reason or two, then try to repeat the process. If the process fails once again, then simply disconnect your Apple watch and wait for some time. Then connect the watch to your iPhone and try again.

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