How To select ERP Software in Dubai

By | August 28, 2019

is the Best ERP Software Company in Dubai, UAE.
Since ERP Software has become inevitable thing in the current business scenario we have custom developed several ERP Solutions in Dubai that address each industries specifically irrespective of the size of the company. Fully integrated VAT compliant ERP Software in Dubai, UAE enables small and mid-size companies to operate more efficiently and effectively. Increased competition has made the businesses to go more aggressive on the pricing to capture market share, which requires greater attention on unit economics.
1. Get Top level management support.
Companies that have problem [with ERP] are the ones that lack upper management level involvement. Resources at the lower level should not be educated and engaged with the implementation project without senior level involvement. Executives don’t want to Know every single configuration detail. But they must be aware of the issues that are causing delays to the project.

2. Make a clear list of requirements before you start looking at vendors
Begin by carefully defining the scope of your project. Focus on specific business processes and system requirements. The more specific you can be with your requirements, the more detailed your vendors can be in their proposals. To gather the requirements, make sure you communicate with end users and IT and senior management.
3. Don’t forget mobile users
Smartphones can be used for almost everything that PC does, and accessing ERP systems from desktops only is no longer an option Choose an ERP solution that allows users to be productive on smartphones and tablets.

4. Carefully evaluate your options before selecting your ERP system
Poorly run and ill-defined evaluation projects can lead to poor implementations. While evaluating ERP there should be participation from key stake holders and top Management. So considering all the available option is important in ERP selection. If the ERP implementation is getting delayed that will also delay the go live date.
5. Get references
First and foremost, when Searching for an ERP solution provider, ask the vendor for at least three references. Then ask the customers what went right, what went wrong and what they might have done differently. If a vendor can’t provide at least three verifiable, satisfied customers, they may not have the experience you need.
6. Think before you customize
Consider the amount of customization required to configure and implement. Highly customized systems will generate higher cost, not only in the initial stage but when upgrading in different time.
If a business function believes they have a case for a customization, make sure they prove it. And the cost of the customization is not only developing for initial implementation, but providing long-term support of the custom code and treating any customizations as exceptions every time you upgrade your software.

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