How to Sell the Value of Reviews and Social to Local Owners

By | September 2, 2020

When asked, multi-location businesses often cite communication between local owners and corporate as one of their most significant pain points as found in a recent study conducted by Forrester. As a multi-location marketer, getting all local owners on the same page can be challenging when it comes to understanding the importance of a robust localized marketing strategy. Throughout this blog, we’ll explain how you can sell the value of both ratings and reviews and social media to your local owners – two critical components to a localized marketing strategy. As multi-location marketers, you are likely already aware of the value of localized marketing, so it’s all about how you communicate its importance to local owners.

Reviews Strongly Influence Purchase Decisions
One of the most powerful ways you can communicate the necessity of reviews is through data. Research from our recent 2020 Localized Marketing Benchmark Report found that reviews are the number one determining factor consumers look at when making a purchasing decision. If your local owners aren’t already striving to achieve success through reviews, it’s time to start.

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