How to Use Apple Health: The Best Guide

By | February 18, 2020

Apple always has something to keep its users fit and healthy, and they provide the health app to allow the users to track their health anytime. Apple Health app is available in the iPhone devices for a long time, but now in iOS 13, user can track their activities. Having good health is necessary for every person, but sometimes they lost track and end up becoming unhealthy. In the iPhone devices, the Health app is available that users can use. In the app, you can track your health and your activities that you do in a whole day.

It is like a tracking device that has much information about your body more than you do. In order to use the Health app, you need first to put the details. From your name to the blood group and your weight everything you need to submit in the app. You can use the Health app to be fit and healthy. You can find several activity apps, and they all can provide information to the Health app. If you don’t know much about the Health app and willing to be fit, then here is the guide for how to use it.

Setting up Health App

To use the Health app ideally, you need to put your detail in the app so it can monitor your body and provide information. Open the Health app and click on the upper right “Health Profile” option. There if you have mentioned information about you, then you need to give exact details on the columns. Put your Name, Age, Gender, Blood type and many more details in the blank columns.

After finishing the details, click on the “Done” icon and be sure that your “Summary” option is selected. Next to that, you need to click on the “Edit” button which is present on the upper-right corner past of the display. It will show the health report of several things, and you can choose which one is relatable to your current condition of the body. After putting significant sections like heart rate, exercise minutes, you can click on “Done” once you checked every column.

Enter Exercise Data Manually

Even if you don’t have an apple watch, you still can track your fitness by recording the walks, running and other activities. The step of entering data-manually is simple and here’s how you can do it.

Click “Browse.”
Choose “Activity” for tracking the details for “Walking + Running Distance.”
Click on the “Add Data” button.
After adding the data, click on “Add.”
Link Other Apps

If you are using any other health tracking app before the Health app, then you can use it as well. Great thing is that you can link the third-party app with Heath app. It’s a great thing and working with two trackers at the same could be useful when you are an iPhone device user. You can link the app with a simple process.

Choose the “Summary” icon.
In “Privacy” section click on “Apps.”
There you will watch all the fitness tracking app that you have in your device. You can link any app you want with just one click.

Record Your Fitness Details with Fitness Tracker or an Apple Watch

For getting full details of body activity and workout, you need to wear a fitness tracker or Apple Watch. Apple Watch tracks the body perfectly and can do other things as well. Every piece of data that Apple Watch stores will be represented in the Health app. With the fitness details and tracker, you can easily keep yourself fit.

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