How to Use Google Sites to Create Your Website

By | April 20, 2020

Google Site is absolutely free online software for making a website for beginners. You can even use it for creating a professional site or blog if you don’t want it to be complex. There is an editor that can help you in customizing everything on your new site. Users can design responsive, interactive and advanced sites with the help of this free online tool. It also supports HTML editing for the users who want it to be even more customizable. It is a site builder as well as web-hosting so that means you can create a full-fledge site for no money.
The website is an essential property for today’s professionals and businesses. No matter you are a wildlife photographer or an entrepreneur, you must have a custom site for online brand awareness and presence. If you possess a website you can use it as a portfolio for your job profile and can showcase it during a job interview or client meeting. In short, having a website can make your current work and status epic.
Building a Website via Google Sites
All you need is a Google Account in order to get started with Google Sites. Most people have the Google account, but if you haven’t created an account yet, then you can make a new within a minute or two.
Once your Google account is ready, follow the given below instructions to make a site:
1. Visit Google Sites, and then head to + icon in the lower right corner.
2. Head to SKIP THIS TOUR to begin creating your site, or go to NEXT. You may need to click on that a few more times.
3. Then, make a click on Untitled site from the top left corner, put in the name that you wish for your new site.
4. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
5. Go to Your page title, add a title to your page, and then hit the Enter key.
6. Take your cursor over the header picture, and then press on Change image.
7. Go to Upload.
8. Choose a picture from your device to use it.

Adding Content on Google Sites
Till now you have the skeleton prepared, but the main part is content that you need to add on your newly created website. Here’s how to do it:
1. Go to Layouts section from the right side menu, and choose a layout that likes for your site.
2. You will be able to add extra elements later, but for now, you need to begin with a common layout.
3. Head to + icon to add a picture from your device.
4. Look at the dialogue boxes saying Click to edit text.
5. There you can add some of your text content.
6. There is dedicated space for titles and other things.
7. You can add limitless content as there is no text limit.

Adding Pages to Your Site on Google Sites
1. On the Home page of Google Sites, head to Pages in the top right corner.
2. Tap on + icon to make a new page or link for your site.
3. Give a name to your new page, and then head to Done.
4. Go to insert from the top right corner to add your content.
5. Choose a layout just like we did earlier for editing the home page.
6. Now you will add an image carousel.
7. Obey the on-screen instructions to complete adding the element.
8. There are many other options for adding specific kinds of content.

Publishing Your Website on Google Website
1. Head to Publish from the top right corner.
2. Put in the name of your site that you want in the web address text field.
3. Go to Publish.
4. In case you wish to use a custom domain name for your site on Google Sites, head to MANAGE inside the Custom URL section.
5. Put in your domain name in the custom URL dialogue box, and head to verify your ownership.
6. Choose the domain name registrar using the drop-down box.
7. Then head to VERIFY.
8. Obey the on-screen instructions.
9. When that’s complete, head to Publish to make the website live.

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