How Your 3PL Company Can Enter B2C Market: things to consider

By | January 21, 2021

Get custom quotes

The first question a potential customer will ask is how much your service costs. For this reason, one of the best ideas is to implement a shipping cost calculator in your app that allows both registered and unregistered users to calculate the price of a shipment.

Securely pay for delivery

Next, you should provide users with a secure way to pay for delivery. Enable several payment options so users can choose the most convenient one. Enabling users to pay online without leaving your app is the most convenient and secure method.

Track parcels in real time

Lack of transparency is a common cause of dissatisfaction with delivery services. Users don’t know where their shipments are when location sharing is turned off on a carrier’s device.

See all parcels in one place

When waiting for multiple packages, users have to sort through details like delivery statuses, parcel locations, and parcel descriptions. To let users get the main parcel details at a glance, you should implement a user-friendly dashboard.

Get instant support

Another building block of excellent customer service is fast handling of any issues. For this, you should think about creating or scaling your customer support team and investing in creating an admin support panel or using a ready-made customer support platform.

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