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By | July 29, 2020

IB curriculum is widely accepted by international communities and colleges in the US for various streams commonly like for engineering courses at a UG & PG level etc.
IB or International Baccalaureate is one of the most popular academic curricula in the world. The purpose of this program is to improve the academic, social, emotional and personal skills of students.
All IB Prep courses are entirely live and interactive with a particular emphasis on raising marks in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology. Detailed features of the IB Courses are given below for rapid assessment.

Mathematics (SL & HL)
Physics (SL & HL)
Chemistry (SL & HL)
Biology (SL & HL)
Online IB Tutoring provides some features which helps the student to get interactive sessions and to prepare much better in exams are as follows:
Study with the highly experts and experienced Online Private IB tutors.
Focusing on the weakers sections and improving the areas of students’ strength, for a better result.
Personalized sessions for the students
Timely completion of the course, so students get ample amounts of time for revision.
Customized Solutions: Our Online tutors for IB, follows a customized plan which is prepared based on the requirements of your child. This helps them in learning effectively and overcoming their areas of difficulty.
Experienced Tutors: We ensure the availability of highly trained and experienced tutors for our online tuitions for IB. The tutors have years of experience and have successfully trained several IB students.
Exam oriented Study Material: The study material we offer is comprehensive and ensures that the students achieve good grades in a rigorous assessment pattern followed by IB.
Flexibility: Students are free to choose Online tuitions for one subject or more than one, which includes IB Chemistry Tutors, IB Biology Tutors, IB Physics Tutors
For example, if you are looking for IB Maths Tutor, then you can go for only that, or else you can choose the complete package.

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