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By | July 4, 2020

IB Biology HL & SL Tutoring Online
The Biology subject is a very diverse subject and it requires a lot of preparation and focus.Choosing the right and proper manner of preparing is very important for the students and Choosing the right pattern & sequence of preparation can be a major key to achieve the goal of scoring a good grade in IB biology for both SL & HL. Some of the common factors that compliment the aim of scoring top grades in IB Subjects are time management, regular practice, punctuality & a lot more. But practising just these may not turn out to be effective enough. The final requirement is to manage these assets in a few specific manners to utilize the benefits of Online Tutoring or Online Preparation.
IB Biology HL & SL Online Tutoring / Online Preparation
To provide the IB Students with the best biology Online Tutoring for both SL & HL, Live & Interactive Classes play a huge role too as it allows Live Interaction between the Student & the Tutor.Choosing the best skilled IB Faculties must be given huge importance too, along with equal importance to Counseling, Assessment, IB biology Study Materials, etc.
Our online tutors ensure that to complete the practice of biology SL & HL, assessment using IB biology Test Series can be done before exams, or whenever the student is ready. This exercise can help Students realize what their weak areas/topics are, so that they can clear out their doubts.
IB Biology Program:
The HL & SL Coaching program is a comprehensive curriculum that allows students to research the movement of all the topics to be covered such as cell biology,molecular biology,genetics, evolution, metabolism,cell respiration photosynthesis and make the online classes more live and interactive.
As IB Curriculum has a rigid & difficult pattern to deal with, it gets really brainstorming in planning out to succeed in scoring excellent grades in SL & HL for MYP & DP. Choosing the right pattern & sequence of preparation can be a major key to achieve the goal of scoring a good grade in both SL & HL.

IB Biology syllabus:
International Baccalaureate covers the following six topic areas:
Cell Biology
Molecular Biology
Genetics, Ecology
Evolution and Biodiversity
Cell Respiration
and Photosynthesis.

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