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By | June 26, 2020

As IB Curriculum has a rigid & difficult pattern to deal with, it gets really brainstorming in planning out to succeed in scoring excellent grades in IB Maths SL & HL for MYP & DP.
Choosing the right pattern & sequence of preparation can be a major key to achieve the goal of scoring a good grade in IB Maths for both SL & HL.
Competing on an international level of education & having a motto of scoring good grades in any of the IB Subjects, especially IB Maths is a tough task for most of the IB Students so it becomes really important for them to take a step further in their preparation by practising on IB Maths Test Series & solving Previous Years’ Questions, etc.
The IB Maths lessons concentrate on a detailed explanation of a concept in a private/one-on-one tuition format, followed by past paper practise and small group resolution. The Dubai IB Maths Tutor also provides Online IB -MYP Maths tuitions for students who can not attend standard classes. In the IB Maths coaching program, the Maths online tutors are trained, and very experienced.
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