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By | October 17, 2020

This is a time of spiritual energy and practice, when devotees perform puja to fulfill their wishes, in the same way, god and goddess practice their energy, strength, and practice. For those working in the spiritual realm, this festival of 9 days is very special .they do charity, chant mantras, meditate, and do many more things to get the blessings of Mother Durga
So in this Navratri, you should also do something special so that you can get the blessings of Mother Durga, with her devotion, you can open the doors of success, you can get happiness, prosperity as well as good health, peace, and happiness prevail in your family.

You must have seen people earn money but do not possess peace at home, there is always sickness and all the earnt money gets used in sickness and idle things, so this Navratri you seek blessings from maa Durga that may she bless you with both money and health, today I am going to tell you some tips and remedies for that, which need to be done with devotion, 1st tip is that in these 9 days, go to Lord Hanuman temple daily and offer sweet beetle to Lord Hanuman, the second tip is for those people who light “Akhand Diya” at home during Navratri, they should light 4-5 cloves in it and those people who light diyas two times a day can also do it to get effective results, along with this you can offer “bhog” of cardamom and mishri to maa Durga either 9 days or any one day, also offer a mixture of fox nuts and 1/2/5 rupee coins to maa Durga and distribute it to kids later.
To get success and victory, offer triangle shaped and decorated red color flag to maa Durga in her temple, another thing you can do is, tie dry fruits and coins in red and offer maa Durga, after 9 days give the dry fruits to someone and keep it in the place you keep all your money.
Another prosperous remedy is to purchase a pure sign of silver, offer it to the goddess, and after 9 days keep it in your temple or in the place you keep money, another important thing is when you offer prayer to girls on Ashtami or Navami, always offer halwa puri, coconut, and shagun .
You can also offer a betel leaf with one coin and supari to goddess Durga, and definitely offer “16 shringar “ to goddess Durga and whenever you sit while praying, never wear blue and black colors, and females also always sit after having shringar in the prayer.

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Author: rajni healer

Hello friends, I am Rajni Singhal, Tarot Card Reader Vastu, Consultant, and Clinical Hypnotherapist, You all know that Navratri is coming soon, special 9 days of Maa Durga, these 9 days symbolize devotion, power, prosperity, and happiness.