Leather halter With Nameplate

By | March 3, 2021

Leather Halter is the oldest variety of halters. It is an important part of tack items. It provides a classy look to the horse. Halters are also known as headcollar or sometimes as headstall too. Halters are usually plain in design and used as a piece of working equipment on a daily basis. It consists of a noseband and headpiece that buckles around the horse’s head and allows the horse to be tied with lead. To tie the horse with a halter, a lead line, lead shank or lead rope is required. But sometimes they are customized in a designer leather halters.

In some halters, a metal plate is used to add embellishment were added on the cheek side or on the crown of the halter. These plates can also be used for printing the names on it. A leather halter is notably more than a fashion affirmation, though, as it grants the strength to break and free a horse if it hooks to an object. It provides you a means of control over your horse when you’re not riding it. A leather halter is a traditional style for around the shelter or on showgrounds.

Some halters are made with padding under cheeks edging to inhibit the rubbing of the horse’s skin. For special events, a halter made of high-quality leather with bridle leather padding at the nose, crown, and cheeks is found suitable. You’ll find halters in all sizes from a pony, cob, full, and extra full for your horse at HORZE SADDLERY.

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