Making Walking Cane

By | October 14, 2021

So I think this pencil lines over here nervous it was sharp square edges alright alright next thing let’s just take this point off you here a little bit under the nose okay let’s just draw out a mustache keep it the same alright Dynamo Walking Canes anything here you’re that snappeth up then then wood breaking make sure your fingers aren’t around there all right the other side around that into the nose all right that’s the top of the bus – now I’m gonna do my little three corner cut here and this gives the nose some depth so let’s just do that I’m just gonna stick my knife in one way with the nose here another way I mean it’s gonna take that look a little triangle over there yeah you see how that just deepened up that it was same thing on this side stick my knife in anything just pop it out we get in there all right now it was gonna draw the inner yeah you can take that all the way to a point or just do what I did just now and just give the illusion I love this Whittle this is a fantastic will I don’t know I’m gonna name this yet but I loved it to say the most fantastic Whittle is this such a simple yet satisfying a little Whittle the pencil this morning before work I just ran it to my carving room to grab something I saw that pencil there.

And I said I look like I’m a pencil we got frightened route it and that cover mance I had that okay see how that’s got this so now we can just kind of come down here if you want it kind of come under that you gotta bring that in the same thing on this site just to show the how the face kind of comes in now we can just do whatever we want with this beard where you want to kick it over to the side we’ll just take that notch out of there again okay there you go you can paint the eyes on if you want which one did I do see these eyes are painted and these eyes are actually carved in and quite honestly you’d be hard-pressed to see the difference so this one here see how he has a good hair all that is just drawn a line around a little v cut okay and then he’s got here so see if this guy just put a little cutting down the side.

But basically, that’s uh that’s done so how long did that really take without me yeah then again come back she’s chasing carrots again you got a V tool it’s nothing to just shape some here and sometimes I’ll do that this video I don’t know how long I was out here but it went quick in it like I said what a fun satisfying project and you can do it with any kind of knife really you don’t really have to have a specialized carving a Scandinavian grind would be nice I got more or something but this is something that was crafters can do in the bush or you can fill around the at work on your desk with your pencil it’s just a nice fun project.

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