Namira Weight Gain Churna

By | January 2, 2020

Overweight or underweight both are such health conditions that may hamper the health of an individual drastically. Hence people immediately might rush to a gym to get over both the end conditions. Being overweight is one of the common health problems faced by people. Being underweight is also a health disorder which one should not overlook. Hence people bring about some changes in their diet or physical exercises to balance their weight. Namira Weight Gain Churan is one such amazing Ayurvedic product that helps one to increase weight naturally. The healthy components of the product such as Shatavari, Badam, Coconut, Jeevanti, and many such components help one to gain weight in an herbal form. The powder helps the individual to lower the metabolism rate and stop excessive burning of calories which in weight gain. It improves the appetite of the person naturally and improves calorie deficit. It is advised to consume 1 spoon powder twice a day after meals for healthy weight gain.

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